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We belong to a society that is always busy and tired and for which there are few moments worth stopping even if only for a moment. Examples include sex. Well, but if our body no longer has the strength to rise to the challenge? Or, God forbid, we have a disease that has permanently damaged our capabilities? Just reach for the right formulation that will help build your sexual relationship again.

What is potency?

Potency is the body's ability to react sexually. Usually, when we hear or read the word potency, we think about men, because potency is the determinant of sexual performance for them. If the potency is too weak, then the man may not be able to get an erection, he will have difficulty with ejaculation and, perhaps, generally with sexual stimulation. A woman with weak potency may not be able to cope with the lack of sexual readiness and will have difficulty in achieving fulfillment.

If the potency is at the appropriate level, the man will meet any sexual activity, and the woman will certainly be satisfied in this respect.

Where do potency disorders stem from?

Potency disorders are associated with body fatigue, stress, age, or past or onset of chronic diseases. Lack of desire for sex is a heavy burdenthat has divided and will probably be shared among many seemingly happy couples.

Properties and action of Zyrexin

Zyrexin comes to the rescue. This is undoubtedly an interesting, herbal dietary supplement which, according to the information on the packaging, works as soon as 45 minutes after taking and maintains sexual performance even for 24 hours. It's really something new - usually supplements of this type can actually work wonders, but they should be taken for at least a few weeks.


Zyrexin is expected to help eliminate erectile dysfunction by multiplying the chemical impulses from the brain to the alpha-2 system, which simply means raising libido. The second action of the supplement is to provide the body with l-arginine, which causes the acceleration of blood flow in the penis. The third action is to maintain the achieved erection for as long as possible.

Dosage of the supplement and contraindications for use

A healthy adult man can take one to two tablets 45 minutes before activity in bed. However, you must remember that the tablet itself will not cause an erection. It is only intended to stimulate and strengthen the process that will be initiated by the man by starting sexual activities. Kissing or, at least, caressing is such an incentive for this action.

Although, according to the manufacturer, Zyrexin is an extremely safe preparation, it indicates that the recommended daily dose of 2 tablets should not be exceeded. An overdose of the supplement may cause unpleasant side effects. Zyrexin significantly stimulates blood flow, so its excessive use can adversely affect the heart by raising pressure.

In addition to the fact that an overdose gives obvious side effects, it is worth noting that using the correct dose can also bring them on. The plant extracts used in the composition are very strong and once used in potency enhancing treatments give pretty good results. However, in the concentration in which they are located in the described supplement, they can cause headache, nausea, dizziness, feeling cold - and these are just some of them. Of course, these are effects that may or may not occur. For some men, not for all.

The basic contraindication is taking pills on an empty stomach - then it is almost certain that we will cause nausea and stomach ache.

A man must be one hundred percent healthy. Zyrexinu cannot be taken by a person with hypertension, heart or kidney disease, and certainly not by a person with a mental disorder.

Composition of Zyrexin

The described supplement primarily contains a natural libido inhibitor, which allows its action to be possible at all

The herbal mixture contained in the supplement consists of:

  • Epimedium Leaf extract
  • Yohimbine Bark extract
  • Lichen Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa
  • Gingko biloba leaf extract
  • Cnidium fruit extract
  • Velvet Bean seed extract
  • Butea Superba tuber extract
  • l-arginine

Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose Dextrose, Starch, Stearic Acid, Hydroxy Propyl Methylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Titanium Dioxide, Triacetin, FD&C Blue # 1 Aluminum Lake.

Substitutes - Other effective dietary supplements

When buying Zyrexin, you probably want to try other supplements available on the market, which are also intended to wake up the body from numbness and allow uninterrupted sexual activity.

Zyrexin Ultra

Every man is different and therefore not everyone will be suited to strong Zyrexin. The Zyrexin Ultraversion is also available on the market, which works almost 50% stronger than the original version. However, in this case one has to take into account the consequencesthat may apply to a group of men susceptible to side effects. In addition to those described above, fever may appear simultaneously with chills or even migraines. Fortunately, this is not a regular occurrence, but it is worth knowing that it occurs.



Another noteworthy natural herbal supplement is the well-known Extenze, sold in millions, which differs from Zyrexin in both composition and indications. Extenze should not be used by men under the age of forty because of the potential for damage to the body's important reactions. In addition to yohimbine, this supplement also has, among others, ginseng root extract and elements such as zinc and iron, which further strengthen the body. Its effect may not be as fast as in the case of Zyrexin - although in individual cases as much as possible - but the duration of action is definitely satisfying for users.

Of course, Extenze can also cause dangerous side effects, and taking a supplement at a higher dose than recommended is extremely unwise and dangerous.

Eron Plus

eron plus

Another example worth noting is Eron Plus, which is an excellent alternative to the other two preparations described. What's the difference? First of all, definitely better accessibility in Poland. AS well as that, sold in the set, are two types of capsules, not one. One of them is used every day and the other half an hour before intercourse, which can last up to 30 minutes longer.

Click and read more on the manufacturer's official website →

Opinions about Eron Plus

According to reviews found on the Internet , Eron Plus does not cause side effects, which is a definite, undisputed plus of the formulation and gives great psychological comfort, and as you know, relaxation is an ally of good and long-lasting sex.

Effects and composition of Eron Plus

The first effects with the use of Eron Plus can be seen after about 30 minutes, but the wings of this formulation only fully unfold after about two weeks of use. Eron Plus has a very comprehensive action:

  • • eliminates the source of erection problems
  • • adds vigour
  • • reduces the risk of premature ejaculation
  • • provides a strong and long-lasting erection
  • • it does not cause side effects!

The composition of Eron Plus is also surprisingly simple and natural and, what is important, it does not contain any artificial or dangerous elements that could actually cause serious side effects. The plant extracts contained in the supplement are highly valuable and effective for many men who have dared to use the formulation.

eron plus

Get a free pack of Eron Plus here →

The composition of Eron Plus is the best aphrodisiacs:

  • l-arginine
  • Fenugreek
  • Korean ginseng
  • Goat's head
  • Maca root.

In addition, it's worth thinking about your diet and whether your body has a stable hormone balance, and that your stress and chronic fatigue are also not the cause of erection problems. You need to take care of yourself from every angle, because reckless use of the tablets can only harm you, and at best simply not bring any satisfactory results. Unfortunately, nowadays everyone expects an effect immediately, not counting the consequences, and such always appear sooner or later.

Dietary supplements

Zyrexin belongs to very cheap supplementsthat are available online in many stores. You can get them at Walmart, GNC, CVS, or at Walgreens and ebay / A pharmacy is not a place where to look for such a specific product.

A pack of ten items costs less than $20, so with some certainty it can be said that hardly any erection supplement will be cheaper.

Due to yohimbine in the composition, which is a poisonous plant, the preparation is not available in Canada, Great Britain and Australia.

Opinions of people using Zyrexin

Searching the Internet for reviews, it can be confidently confirmed that the formulation works, and is quite strong. Unfortunately, in many cases people have complained about the side effects described above, which only shows that unfortunately nothing is for free.

Perhaps with caution, remembering about a full stomach before taking it, and without suffering from any chronic disease, one could avoid the unpleasant consequences of using the drug, and some reviews say that it's actually possible.

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