Virectin for potency, How does it work and where to buy the product?

A good sex life always gives an enormous amount of joy and pleasure. Love life is one of the determinants of a positive marital life of couples, regardless of the length of the relationship. Regular lovemaking is a way to generally attain more energy in life. It's one of the natural ways to get rid of tension from your body. The pleasure of having good sex cannot be underestimated and must never be given up on, that's why you must get to know Virectin.

Functional problems in sex involve, among things, not only difficulties in getting and maintaining erection, but also the decrease in libido itself which is suffered by more and more men nowadays. Although it’s usually said that men are always ready for sex, many men actually have secrets and crises in this area.

Erection problems in modern men

A man is not actually a machine made to always and constantly have sex. Healthy men actually do often feel like having sexual intercourse, but often even in the life of a fit and sexually active gentleman a problem may also creep in. Potency and erection problems do not only apply to elderly men or after andropause. Indeed, if nature sometimes refuses to obey, despite a great desire for sex, an erection will not occur. However, problems with sex can also apply to men far younger, who theoretically should now be in their peak form. What are the reasons for this type of difficulty? The most common are emotional problems, which translate into less sexual desire and typical functional disorders. In addition, sexual problems can also result simply from physiology.

The physiology of sex in men

When a man thinks about sex and has a desire for sexual intercourse, this increases the blood flow to his genitals and cavernous bodies around the penis.. It is the increased blood supply to these areas that causes the penis to flex and become much thicker, resulting in an erection. Unfortunately, due to various problems in the area of, among others, blood circulation, a man may periodically experience erection problems. If the problem only occurs once, not much attentions should be paid to it. As mentioned above, a man is not really a sex machine.

Physiological problems related to erection

If, however, the erection difficulties last longer, it is worth trying to improve, among others, blood circulation through appropriate supplementation. Who is most often typically affected by functional erectile problems resulting from poor circulation? The risk group includes men:

  • leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • obese or very overweight, especially around the abdomen
  • with diabetes
  • with atherosclerosis (narrowed and hardened arteries)
  • drinkers and smokers, because stimulants have a very negative impact on the health of blood vessels

It's worth remembering that erection physiology is largely based on proper blood flow. You may have a considerable desire for sex, but the erection will not appear for purely medical reasons.

Dietary supplement that improves sexual function

Gentlemen rarely use the help of sexologists, rather preferring a discreet course of action and settling the matter on their own. At this point it’s worth directing their attention to a supplement that improves sexual function, namely Virectin. What is known about this remedy? Its action is largely based on the philosophy associated with traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, which seeks a plant-based solution to sexual problems. It is therefore a natural remedy, devoid of any chemistry, which certainly speaks in its favour. It can be used immediately before the planned sexual intercourse, or used to conduct a more extensive treatment over a period of time. In the latter case, you can certainly expect larger and more spectacular effects.


Composition and effectiveness

So what can we find in the composition of this product? The manufacturer informs that the composition consists of as many as 17 different types of minerals and herbs, but does not have any active effects, such as rice flour or gelatin. They are simply used to create an easy-to-swallow capsule.

List of ingredients

  • zinc, whose deficiencies affect, among others, a decrease in testosterone levels in men
  • niacin, which lowers cholesterol
  • selenium, which positively affects, among others, the human metabolism
  • l-arginine
  • Tongkat Ali root extract
  • Oat extract
  • Saw palmetto extract
  • Damian leaf extract
  • Celery extract

These are the main ingredients of the dietary supplement, which together form a real bomb and a product that works extremely well at strengthening potency and the desire for love games.

Product reviews

Unfortunately, opinions about the product are quite difficult to find in Polish. However, the manufacturer assures that this dietary supplement will be good for people who have lost interest in their sex life or who have trouble getting an erection. It should be mentioned at this point that the nature of sexual problems can be more complex and different for each man. Therefore, the manufacturer only generally indicates who the supplement is intended for.

Can it be used safely? On the one hand, the product does not contain any chemical ingredients; it's based on the potency of plant extracts which is characteristic of natural medicine in China or India. On the other hand, it's worth noting that this dietary supplement has not received the recommendation from the FDA, the American institution supervising drugs and supplements. Notwithstanding, this supplement should not be thought of as a potentially hazardous remedy. It’s worth having moderate expectations.

Research and user reviews on the Virectin dietary supplement

The manufacturer of this dietary supplement is proud of the fact that its composition contains as many as 17 excellent ingredients. Unfortunately, it should be made clear that the product has not been completely tested in terms of how the individual components affect each other, and what the effectiveness of the supplement really is. The market for dietary supplements which assist in erections often happens to be the same as in the case of Virectin. The remedy is made up of generally known ingredients, however, there is a lack of specific studies.

This, among other things, translates into specific users reviews, which can be found on the Internet. As mentioned above, there are no English reviews. Most can be found on, where this dietary supplement is rated both very highly as well as drastically low. This phenomenon is certainly based on the fact that each individual user's sexual problems may be of a different origin, which may either pass faster or last longer. The product can be bought, among other places, via It's difficult to find it in Polish pharmacies.

Is it worth trying out Virectin?

Given the amount of conflicting information about this dietary supplement, is it at all worth trying out this product? This issue should definitely be well thought through, as there are definitely more remedies on the dietary supplements market which have a more proven effect on improving potency. Virectin does not belong to the thoroughly tested remedies which have scientifically proven effects.

In the case of problems with potency resulting simply from pure physiology, it's worth supplementing oneself with help of another product. At this point it's worth recommending, among other things, Eron Plus, which has a website in Polish and is definitely easier to get. This is a huge plus. In the case of a product like Virectin, more can be said relating to experimentation. It may produce satisfactory results, but it may prove to be ineffective. This will certainly not have a positive effect on the the emotional state of a man who experiences failures and dissatisfaction in the area of sex. Once again, it is worth emphasising - Virectin's action and effectiveness have not been verified. Therefore, before using this remedy it's worth simply consulting a doctor, sexologist, or, at the very least, one's partner.

What to use instead of Virectin

What else is there instead of a potency supplement? Is there another remedy? It's worth mentioning once again that supplements help in the case of functional erection problems which are based on physiology. What if the problem lies deeper and has an emotional affect? In this case, a better solution may simply be a visit to a sexologist.

Or maybe Eron Plus?

Of course, you can support yourself with a supplement such as the excellent Eron Plus, but it's also worth talking about the problem, as well as receiving a number of tips and examples on exercises that can help.

Eron Plus

Eron Plus has been thoroughly tested and, above all, it has been tested by a large group of consumers. If reviews are to be trusted, then Eron Plus:

  • when used regularly, eliminates the root of the problem
  • increases sexual performance
  • provides a strong and long-lasting erection
  • does not cause side effects!

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Is it possible to state that Eron Plus is an effective pill for impotency? Definitely yes, as it is usually the case that a given formulation gets very mixed opinions. The majority of Eron Plus reviews are positive. Men on the Internet strongly recommend using this supplement without a prescription.

It's composition is safe for health

You probably know Viagra - who doesn't? After all, this is the legendary drug for erectile dysfunction. It's extremely effective but it can also cause unpleasant side effects. Eron Plus is equally effective, and it has never happened that anyone has lost anything through its use, much less their health. The composition of Eron Plus contains the best natural plant substances, whose action is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. These consist of fenugreek, mace, l-arginine and Korean ginseng.

Eron Plus

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So, sometimes the cure is literally a pharmacy and preparation, and sometimes a combination with an initial supportive conversation. One thing is certain, sex problems should not be underestimated. This is too important of an area of life to write off, regardless of age. A lot of relaxation and fun can always be found in love games, as well as simply the closeness so needed for experiencing complete satisfaction of life.

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